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Get ready for personalisation like you've never seen it before

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or get healthy, Fresh Fitness Food will help you create long-lasting healthy habits, and help you reach your goal. You can track your macros and order bespoke meals through the app - meals that are customised to you and your goals. You’ll find a visual representation of your intake and expenditure via rings on the dashboard - your aim is to close the rings every day!

Nutrition Tracking

Nutrition Tracking

Log your food and track your macros to hit your daily requirements.

Main Screen

Main Dashboard

Track your energy intake and expenditure in real time. Aim to close your rings every day!

Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre

Access to a digital Wellness Centre with high-quality video content ranging from Strength and HIIT workouts to meditation, yoga and cooking demos.

Manage your Account

Place orders, rearrange deliveries, updates your nutrition and view your rewards directly from within the App.

Deliveries: View upcoming calendar, pause or resume orders, skip delivery dates, and change delivery pattern.

Nutrition: Edit macros and calories, meal preferences, extras and exclusions, plus adjust the new calorie buffer.

My Rewards: View token balance, token history, referral codes and links.

Available to download from the App Store for free now

Personalised Nutrition

Our proprietary algorithm LAVO+ and in-house registered nutritionists will provide you with personalised nutrition targets based on your own specific metrics, activity levels and health and fitness goals. From here you can order bespoke meals all tailored to you and your goals and reassess your plan as you progress, no limit the number of re-calculations.

Track your energy intake and expenditure

Log your meals with our extensive food database, track your macros and hit your daily requirements. Link your Fitbit and Apple Health apps to track and display your energy expenditure alongside your intake. Aim to close your rings each day as visual motivation to hit your exercise and step targets. Industry-standard calculation will be used to estimate expenditure when a smartwatch has not been connected.

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Reach your Goals and Celebrate your Success

We support fat loss, lean gains, building muscle and general health goals as well as allowing custom macros to be entered. Chart and track your progress with self-evaluation and checkpoints and share your wins using the dashboard to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Airdrop and more. It's almost like having a nutrition coach right inside your pocket.

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