Fresh Fitness Food vs Prep Perfect

Book a live demo of the full Fresh Fitness Food experience

Learn how the service works directly from the Fresh Fitness Food Nutritionists

Whether you're just about to start the service and still have a few questions, or you are wondering if the service is right for you, you can book a personal walkthrough where Meghan will take you through the platform as well as show you the physical product from the meals and delivery to bag return and tub disposal.

How the Service Works

You will have the features of the service such as how to alter your nutritional targets, when to expect your deliveries and how to return the bag explained, so you can get the most from your FFF experience.


Nutritionist Support

Meghan is also a qualified nutritionist, as well as taking you through the logistics of the service, she can also answer any specific nutrition questions you have may have and guide you through managing your plan.

Discover the Platform

She will walk you through the desktop and iOS App giving you a clear understanding of how the tech works and how you can use it to alter your plan any time you like.

Book a video demo at a time convenient for you

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