Fresh Fitness Food vs Prep Perfect

Shape your plan around your lifestyle

Flexibility meets adherence

The calorie buffer adjusts your plan so that you can enjoy a sweet treat after lunch or a glass of wine with dinner without affecting your goals. Choose an amount appropriate for you and we’ll lower your calories by the same amount to ensure you’re still hitting your goals each day.

How does it work?

Determine your nutritional requirements

Follow our order form and we'll provide you with daily calorie and macro targets based on you, your lifestyle and your goal, applying either a deficit, surplus or keeping you at maintenance.

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Choose a buffer

Select a number of calories you'd like to lower your plan by, based on what extras you'd like to have outside of your Fresh Fitness Food. We'll then lower your FFF meals by the same. Scroll down for a list of the most common foods and their calorie values.

Track your food in the App

Log your FFF meals as well as anything extra you consume in the Fresh Fitness Food App to help you ensure you hit your targets every day. These targets will reflect your requirements prior to the buffer so you can keep track of your total daily intake.

Need a bit more help?

Our team are on hand to assist

Our in-house nutritionists are on hand to guide you on what would be an appropriate allowance for you.

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