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The Fresh Fitness Food Service

Core Collective is a London based fitness studio and has partnered with the UK's leading meal delivery service.

FFF and Core Collective team up to bring you the full health & wellbeing experience. Many of the C/C trainers have been fuelled by FFF for a few years now, and they consider it to be a very important part of their daily lives and fitness routine. Whatever fitness journey you're on, nutrition plays a vital role. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or get healthy, Fresh Fitness Food will help you create long-lasting healthy habits, and help you reach your goal through a convenient, easy meal plan.

Bespoke meals tailored to you

Using your biometric details, goals and preferences, we'll build you out a calorie and macronutrient specific meal plan designed to help you reach your goals. We'll cook it, weigh it and deliver it to your door every day - sit back and enjoy!

Qualified Nutritional Support

Speak to one of our many registered in-house nutritionists who will help you determine the best plan to aid you in reaching your goals and support you on your health and fitness journey.

Download our App on iOS

Log your food and track your macros to hit your daily requirements. Track your energy intake and expenditure in real-time. Take advantage of our digital Wellness Centre with high-quality video content ranging from Strength and HIIT workouts to meditation, yoga and cooking demos.

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How it Works

Fresh Fitness Food Bag and Food easy meal plan


We deliver overnight to your doorstep between 11pm-6am Monday-Friday (or to a schedule you prefer) anywhere within the M25. We deliver overnight to pair true convenience with exceptional food. Simply wake up, collect your bag and enjoy.

Fresh Fitness Food Multi Plate Shot easy meal plan

Huge variety!

We use a 15-day rotational menu with each day including up to 14 items. That means for 3 whole weeks you'll be receiving fun and exciting meals and then the rotation resets. Based on your calories and macros, our proprietary algorithm, LAVO+, and our team of nutritionists will devise you the perfect, delicious daily menu to help you smash your goals.

Reach your Goals and Celebrate your Success

We support fat loss, lean gains, building muscle and general health goals as well as allowing custom macros to be entered. With our state of the art App, you can chart and track your progress with self-evaluation and checkpoints and share your wins using the dashboard to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Airdrop and more. It's almost like having a nutrition coach right inside your pocket.

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