Meal plans tailored to your nutrition and your lifestyle.

Meal plans as flexible as you are

A commitment-free way to fuel your body with bespoke nutrition

“The Fresh Fitness Food service is second to none” 

What is Flexi?

A service tailored to your lifestyle. Not the other way round.

The Flexi payment plan gives you total control over your deliveries without the need to commit to long plans or a rigid delivery schedule.

Choose a delivery schedule that suits you

Receive deliveries on the days you want with the ability to change your pattern each week.

A commitment-free, flexible payment option

Start with a 5 day plan and then each Wednesday, you're only billed for the deliveries scheduled for the following week.

Add, skip and pause days at the touch of a button

Use the Fresh Fitness Food App or Desktop to access your account and adjust your deliveries up to two days out.

Get £50 off A 5 Day Trial

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Why Flexi?

No commitment. Full control.

Choose Flexi and only pay for the deliveries you want to receive the following week. Skip, pause and add deliveries for when suits you.

Ready to level up your nutrition but don't want to commit to lengthy packages?

Start with a 5-day plan and pay on your terms for what you want, when you want.

Busy week in the office and fed up meal deals?

Get all your meals tailored to you and delivered to the office, fresh every day.

Want the flexibility to decide your delivery schedule at the last minute?

Use the Fresh Fitness Food App to adjust your plan, just give us two days notice.

Lots of social commitments next week but want to eat healthy when you can?

Choose Fresh Fitness Food Flexi and do just that. Receive deliveries on the days that suit you.

How it works

At the ‘choose a payment plan’ screen, there are now the 2 options ‘Flexi’ or ‘Commit’.

Start with a minimum order of 5 days paid upfront. You are then billed each Wednesday for the only deliveries in the following week.

View your deliveries in your account

Head to the Fresh Fitness Food App or Desktop account to view and edit your schedule. Green indicates paid-for deliveries, yellow indicates unpaid deliveries.

Click on the day to add or skip a delivery

With two days notice, you can change your delivery schedule to fit around your lifestyle. Choose "Skip delivery" if you would like to remove the delivery for a certain day. Choose "Add delivery" if you would like to add a bag to your schedule.

Get £50 off A 5 Day Trial

Use code FLEXI50 for a limited time only



Q: Does this replace the currently weekly payment option
A: No, this is different. The currently weekly payment plan is an option when a client selects a number of deliveries they want to purchase (min 30 days for weekly) and opts to pay for those each week. With the Flexi payment option, the client does not need to select a number of deliveries, there is simply a minimum of 5 and the order is ongoing until it is paused or cancelled.


Q: When will payments be processed for clients on the Flexi payment option
A: Every Wednesday evening (from 5pm). The client will be billed for the deliveries scheduled in the following week – if all have been skipped then there will be no payment. If payment fails, it will be reattempted Friday morning.


Q. Can orders be cancelled
A: Yes orders can be cancelled, the same lead times apply – 3 days. There is no penalty for cancelling bar the usual 10% fee to cash-out.


Q. I hadn’t decided how many deliveries to have next week, but I’ve already been billed for the upcoming week, can I still change it?
A: Yes, you can still change your deliveries even after you have been billed for the upcoming week – if you skip any deliveries, you will get the value added as credit to your account (which is automatically applied to your next payment) if you add more deliveries, you will be billed for them at the time of adding them.


Q. Why is it more expensive than my previous plan?
A: This plan offers the most flexibility, and pricing is simply £9 per meal. You can get a discounted ‘per meal’ rate if you are willing to commit to a longer term plan.
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