Loyalty & Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions

1.Data Protection

1.1 FFF shall be entitled to process your data in accordance with the terms of the FFF Privacy Policy. All information provided by you will be treated securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
1.2 The full details of FFF’s Privacy Policy can be found on our website.
2. Collecting Tokens
2.1 The standard number of tokens added to a clients account is 1 token for every 2 deliveries. A client must receive a total of 20 deliveries to earn 10 tokens.
2.2 FFF operates a Client Referral Scheme, pursuant to which clients can earn tokens for referring friends or family to the service. A unique discount code is generated for each client at the time of sign up. In order to earn tokens, an order must be placed using their client referral code. This code can be used on a new order only (referral codes cannot be used on renewal orders). When a client referral code is used in the above manner, the client will earn 50 tokens for every person they refer to the service.
2.3 FFF may occasionally offer short term promotions with the opportunity to earn additional tokens. Promotions will be subject to their own terms and conditions, detailed at the time of the promotion.
2.4 Tokens cannot be backdated. Tokens will start accumulating once a client has signed up for the loyalty and rewards programme. These will not be backdated to when the client joined the Fresh Fitness Food service.
3. Spending Tokens
3.1 Tokens must cover the full cost of the selected reward. Any additional cost cannot be made up with a cash payment.
3.2 If tokens are applied against a Fresh Fitness Food order, any remaining cost must be paid for with a cash payment.
3.3 We reserve the right to substitute or remove products and services available as rewards at any time.
3.4 Tokens earned in the loyalty and rewards scheme cannot be used to purchase updates to a client’s current order, including additional meals or snacks.
3.5  Tokens earned in the loyalty and rewards scheme cannot be converted to cash.
4. Returns
4.1 If a client is unhappy with a product or service received as part of a reward, a client must contact a member of the Fresh Fitness Food team within 24 hours of receiving the reward, to arrange a return of the product, and a reinstatement of any tokens spent.
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