The Loyalty and Rewards Programme

The More You Eat - The More You Earn

You asked. We listened. With this new programme, you can start earning from day one.
For every 2 deliveries you receive, you’ll earn 1 token. You can then spend these tokens on rewards from our partners or put them towards your next Fresh Fitness Food order.
Get started today with these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Earn and Redeem Tokens

Earning tokens is easy

You’ll receive 1 token for every 2 deliveries you receive. 1 token = £1.

Get your buddies involved

Earn additional tokens for referring friends. For each friend you refer, you’ll receive an extra 50 tokens.

Quick Access

Tokens will be loaded into your Fresh Fitness Food rewards tab at the end of each calendar month. Tokens expire 6 months after first earning them.

Step 3: Gain Rewards

Unlock rewards at every level and choose from one of our exclusive partnerships.
At the end of each calendar month, we’ll be in touch to inform you of the rewards on offer. Once you have saved up your tokens, respond to the team on with the reward you wish to redeem.
If you don’t see anything you love, save your tokens and use them to claim money off your next order with us.

Example Rewards You Can Earn

Each month we'll email you with the rewards on offer. These are some of the options you could see.
Terms and Conditions Apply
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